Planning New Futures for Senior Executives

Planning New Futures for Senior Executives

When senior executives leave their organisation, for reasons not of their own choosing, they may well be offered traditional outplacement support as part of their exit package. This type of support can be most helpful when the objective is to find another role similar to the one previously held by the departing executive.

However, such support may be less effective for those who have left senior roles unexpectedly and are of an age when the possibility of finding a similar role elsewhere might not be achievable or appropriate. Coming to terms not only with the shock of departure, loss of self-esteem but also the need to rebuild a future requires a specialist approach.

Our Approach
Planning New Futures for Senior Executives

In our experience, senior executives, often within a few years of normal retirement, frequently find it helpful to have the type of one-to-one support that CPS is capable of providing through the unusual make-up of its team. We are able to help executives come to terms with their departure and to prepare for a future which may be substantially different from the environment they have just left.

Traditional outplacement tends to focus on the practicalities of looking for another job. We are more concerned with the emotional fallout that the individual may experience at this critical time. We can help them think through the radical options and find an appropriate way forward.

The CPS Framework

This programme is based on regular meetings over a six-month period.