One-to-One Executive Mentoring and Coaching


One-to-one mentoring and coaching support for senior executives who make up the boards and top teams of organisations forms the core of our business at CPS.

The purpose of mentoring and coaching relationships is to heighten the awareness of those at the top of their organisations in key leadership roles who recognise that, with appropriate external support, they can dramatically enhance their ability to add further value to their organisation.

Away from the distractions and interruptions of a busy office environment, mentoring and coaching enables individuals to address what is expected of them in their role, to help them explore what needs to be overcome to deliver in that role – in terms of personal and inter-personal issues to be addressed or specific skills and knowledge to be acquired – and to provide the necessary support to ensure success for them individually, within their teams and for the organisation as a whole.

Our Approach

CPS can offer support by:

  • helping senior executives to develop the necessary inter-personal skills required for effective leadership
  • working with those responsible for directing major transformation/change within their organisation, offering insight into how to move an organisation forward
  • alleviating the isolation frequently encountered by those in senior positions and providing a confidential sounding board to give unbiased feedback on performance
  • working with chairs and chief executives as they take up their first appointment in these roles
  • assisting first-time board directors in understanding their new role and exploring the new behaviours required (See Preparing for a First Boardroom Appointment)

We start with an assessment which enables us to establish whether our work with a potential client is likely to be focused around personal issues, their understanding of their (often new) role, or their ability to master the ‘tasks’ inherent in that role which provide credibility– or indeed any combination of these three. We work together with the client to agree on the focus and scope of the work and the most appropriate member of the CPS team to provide the style of support required.


With person-centred issues, our skill lies in our ability to help individuals, through mentoring, to gain deeper insight into their own behaviour and interaction with others; to recognise, accept and adapt established unconscious patterns of behaviour that can inhibit personal performance. The mentor plays the role of probe and challenger of the client’s thinking to allow his/her own solutions and insights to emerge.

If the focus of the work is role and/or task-orientated, a coaching approach, where we offer specific advice and guidance, may be more appropriate. For example, when an individual is taking up a new appointment and needs to understand what is required from his/her new role.

From time to time when an individual may be experiencing a particularly difficult period, counselling may be required with a focus on developing coping strategies.

The CPS Framework

Our senior executive mentoring and coaching programmes are based on regular planned meetings over a period of time to be agreed with the client.