Preparing for a Non-Executive Directorship


It is not uncommon for senior executives to be encouraged to seek a non-executive director appointment as part of their overall development.

Our Approach

The primary purpose of any work undertaken will be to help the executive make a successful transition from an operational or functional leader role to that of a non-executive board director. Examples of areas to be addressed are likely to include but not limited to:

Pre Appointment

  • Developing a convincing story as to what can be offered (by the candidate) as a non-executive director
  • Preparing for an initial interview with the chairman
  • Demonstrating credibility

Post Appointment

  • The use of advocacy, enquiry and influencing as important boardroom skills
  • Building relationships with both executive and non-executive directors
  • Exercising sound judgement
  • Developing a strategic mindset
  • Understanding the different behaviours required in both roles and learning to work in two different environments

The boardroom environment will expose the need for a different kind of behaviour from that experienced in senior executive positions. Old attributes such as reliance on authority will have less relevance in the new role and the new requirements may well be outside the experience of a newly appointed non-executive director.

In order to ensure that any support offered is relevant to the needs of each candidate individual interviews are conducted to determine the precise nature of the issues to be addressed. CPS makes no charge for these initial assessment meetings.

Frequency of Meetings

We have found from experience that monthly meetings between coach and client offers a good rhythm. In this way confidence and rapport can be established quickly. Members of our team are always available for additional meetings if required or by phone, throughout the contract at no extra charge.